Database deploy - Using default Compare options

dmweyekdmweyek Posts: 21
edited November 14, 2013 7:47AM in Deployment Manager
My database deploy is doing a dynamic upgrade.

2013-11-13 15:32:16 -07:00 INFO Loading source database from db\state
2013-11-13 15:32:17 -07:00 INFO - Using SOC filter file at db\state\Filter.scpf
2013-11-13 15:32:17 -07:00 INFO - Using default Compare options
2013-11-13 15:32:17 -07:00 INFO - Loading as case-insensitive (based on target database)

I have checked in compare options and they are available @ db\state\ComparisonOptions.xml

The deployment does not seem to indicate that it is using the compare options like the Filter Section does.

Do I have something setup wrong?


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