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Using SQLPrompt 6 with Intellisense

streedstreed Posts: 2
edited November 14, 2013 12:10PM in SQL Prompt
I'm using SQLPrompt 6 (v6.1.0.72) with SSMS 2012 (v11.0.3000.0). I would like to use native Intellisense & SQLPrompt; however, when SQLPrompt is enabled it appears to disable native Intellisense. Is this correct?

I used to use SQLPrompt 3 w/ SSMS 2008 R2 (v10.5...); with this setup, I disabled Auto Activation for SQLPromt & when I wanted to activate it I pressed Ctrl + Space. This same configuration w/ SQLPrompt 6 & SSMS 2012 doesn't work b/c native Intellisense appears to be disabled.

Any suggestions?



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