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Keeping the database in sync with checked in files

tomasscotttomasscott Posts: 2
edited November 29, 2013 6:20AM in Source Control for Oracle
I am right now evaluating Source Control for Oracle and am trying to test branching. Having read the guides online I have made the steps in "Create a new database for the branch".

I am using TFS as Source Control repository.

I have a folder with my "Main" schema. This folder started empty but was populated by Source Control for Oracle as a first step.
In TFS I did Branch this to a new branch called "Dev" which is a folder on my hard drive and in Source Control.
When I created a new database for the branch I pointed out an old Oracle database used for development a year ago. Then I pointed out my new Dev-branch.
What I wanted to do was to sync the master information from the Source Control into the Oracle Database. I thought this was the operation "Get Latest" but the GUI instead implies I have 1843 changes to check in...

How can I achieve what I want to do?
And what is the purpose of Get Latest? Will that tab only be populated when someother person has checked in changes that I have not received yet?



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    Hi Tomas,

    Firstly, apologies for the very late response. I see you've since had conversations with my colleague Ben, but for completeness, and for anybody else who comes across this, I have attempted to answer your questions below.

    Regarding a way to achieve getting a database in sync with a new branch in source control: the easiest way is using our Schema Compare tool to compare from a check out of the files to the database server. Using this tool you can enforce the direction and thus achieve what you were hoping.

    Regarding Get Latest: this feature was designed for users who decide to set up private (aka "sandboxed" or "dedicated") schemas for each member of the team, not for branch switching. So if Ben and I are both working on our our own private versions of a schema, both linked to the same repository, I can use Get Latest to retrieve changes made by Ben that are not in my schema. We use our schema comparison technology to make changes in a sensible, data preserving and dependency aware way.

    I hope that helps. Ideally we'd like to introduce a much simpler "switch branch" feature in a later version, but it's not something we have immediate plans for.

    Best regards,
    Michael Christofides

    Product Manager
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