Waiting for Synchronization time exceeds real time

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edited November 19, 2013 10:17AM in ANTS Performance Profiler 8
As an example I am looking at a profile that I timed with a stopwatch app to run for 2:24 (m:ss). I am looking at the Call tree, displaying Methods with Source for the main thread with Timing options set to Wall-Clock and Seconds. The top line in the call tree is named (Waiting for synchronization) and the Time(seconds) column says 313.425. My understanding is that the Time column expresses the time spent by the app being profiled in that named method. Of course, I know that "Waiting for Synchronization" is not an actual method, but rather a state. Regardless, how could that state have lasted for 5:13.425 (m:ss) when the app being profiled only ran for 2:24?

TIA, I'm a relative noob to ANTS, and honestly, performance profiling in general. Any help will be appreciated.


  • "Hmmmmmmmm", is about all i can say right now ;) Is this a simple test console application?. if its small enough- could you post it and I'll test it? if its not, maybe you could mail it to us at [email protected] (text files only)
  • I wish it were something I could send you. But it is not small at all, it is part of a solution with 20+ projects in it. And then there is the dB with 40+ tables, etc. One of the other members on my team suggested that...

    "All the waiting done by async methods prolly gets tossed into “Waiting for synchronizationâ€
  • Yes, that reminds me too- all thread wait time is cumulative so there are occasions when the total time waiting exceeds real time.
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