Messed up installer for SQL Server Management Studio add-in?

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I'm in the process of setting up the package manager and went to install the SSMS add-in. The installer layout is all messed up and I can't get past the first step of the install. Has anyone else seen this?



  • Hi there -

    It looks like the add-in installer is failing to detect a version of SSMS installed on this machine.

    Can I ask which version of SSMS is installed on the machine you are trying to install the add-in on?
    David Conlin
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  • I have only installed Deployment Manager thus far. I got it up and running and went to the Tools tab and downloaded the SSMS add-in. Attempting to run that installer is what produced the error above. Do I need to install something else?
  • Hi there

    The SSMS add-in is an add-in for Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) that helps you package your databases for deployment using Deployment Manager.

    It's not an add-in for Deployment Manager.

    You should install the SSMS add-in on the same machine that you use SSMS for database development. The installer should then detect the available version of SSMS and install correctly.

    Hope this helps
    David Conlin
    Software Developer
    Deployment Manager
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