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Add comment/description to db objects (tables,views,sprocs)

joeriksjoeriks Posts: 4
edited November 12, 2013 6:43AM in SQL Prompt
Can I add a comment or description to db objects with the help of any of the Redgate tools? A comment that should be easy to find later, for example just by clicking / hovering the object, and be searchable.

In SQL Search there's a column "Detail" that might be "it". But where does the info for that come from?

I imagine a simple tool to expose some standardized Extended property some way.


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    eugeneneugenen Posts: 6 Bronze 1
    You can use SQLDoc to do this or use the stored procs to manipulate the extended properties. SQL Prompt does display extended properties when you hover on columns/tables etc
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    Ah, yea, just found the SQL doc nice feature to "edit" the MS_Description extended property. Very nice! But I do not get SQL Prompt to display extended properties when hovering?
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