Redgate Environment and Web Transforms

SpringveldtSpringveldt Posts: 3
edited November 11, 2013 11:01AM in Deployment Manager
Is there any way to separate out the environment name from the build configuration for the web.config transforms? Currently the transforms are only applied when the environment name matches a build configuration exactly.

We have a solution that is a shared code base between a few different projects so we have many different transforms but they are actually the same environment.

e.g. project1-uat, project2-uat etc

I would like to just have 1 single UAT environment within deployment manager but be able to specify the build configuration on each deployment. Currently the dashboard looks a mess with 12 different environments (4 for each project).

Ideally I would like to say to deployment manager
Deploy Project1 to UAT using Environment="UAT" and Configuration="Project1-UAT" but I can't find a way of doing that.

Is this even possible?


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