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Bugs on Sql Prompt

noob2013noob2013 Posts: 25
edited November 4, 2013 12:24PM in SQL Prompt
Using SQL Prompt on SSMS2008

Issue #1:
On the query window, if I put in "exec ", the sql prompt will show me the options and the small window does pop up showing me the script and summary tabs.
But once I choose a SP, I cannot right click to get SQL Prompt to show me that small window again. Instead, it's showing an error "Could not find stored procedure dbo.sp_name".

Issue #2
I have a few encrypted SP. Again, I was able to type "exec " on query window on SSMS2008 and sql prompt will show me the options. I can click copy on the script tab of the small popped up window.
However, for encrypted SP, it seems like the script copied to clipboard repeats itself. Upon checking the script tab of the small popped up window, the repetition exists on that as well.

I did not have either issues on my old SQL Prompt (whatever version that was).

Anyone else experiencing those issue? If so, mind sharing how do I fix them?

Thank you.


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