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Error when sending emails to a disabled email account

murahulmurahul Posts: 3
edited February 24, 2006 9:00AM in Aardvark
We recently disabled an email account on exchange and subsequently modified some issues in aardvark. Aardvark tried to send emails to the closed email account for a couple of those issues and failed. Each time it fails to send emails to that account the aardvark service sends an email to the adminstrator with the following message:
Subject: Check the server

Error in ReadMail - Couldn't import issues. Couldn't decode attachment (There were no XML attachments on the mail sent).
Original mail details:

It seems to try every 15 mins, fails and sends a bunch of emails to the admin. We tried stopping and restarting the service and also rebooting the server to try and clear up the email queue, but haven't had much luck. Is there any way, we can remove the items from the email queue so that the aardvark service stops attempting to re-send the failed email messages?


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    Not really, unless you want to go poking around in the XML files in the new queue folder. The error message you've got indicates that there is an error reading issue responses sent via email rather than a problem in sending outgoing email. So what must be happening is:

    Mail goes out from Aardvark to non-existent user.
    NDR goes back to Aardvark email box.
    Aardvark says oh, here is an email to import into responses, but it is the NDR for the original email.

    You could do what I do as a workaround and set up an email rule in my mail client (Exchange) to send any NDRs to the deleted items folder when they arrive. They should be deleted before Aardvark runs its' message pickup cycle.
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    Thanks for the response Brian. We were able to go in to aardvark's message inbox and delete all the system undeliverable emails and that took care of the issue.
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