Is there a way to get all query durations for a LRQ

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I'm new to SQL monitor and am loving it, mostly. I'm chasing several Long Running Queries (LRQ) and have added indexes to try to fix, but would like to verify if my fixes worked. Is there some way to consolidate the data from alerts of a specific LRQ. I keep opening each of the alerts, but that's somewhat time consuming method, especially when it's not for the query I'm currently working on. For a specific LRQ, I'd like to see the query duration for all the alerts over a time frame (from before I created the index through after I created the index). It looks like I decreased the time substantially, but I'd really like the data all together. If there's some other method to do this (outside of the alert page), please let me know.



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    Hopeful someone at RedGate will come up with something for you to use but know that there is no set of objects (i.e. views) for using the info captured by SQL Monitor outside what SQL Monitor is built to do with it. If its not within the Analysis tab then chances are you can;t get the data you seek.

    I've asked similiar questions before and the explination appears to be that the thing is not designed for long time storage and or to do anything with the info cpatured beyound the immediate need. In other words no way to query historical data to look for trends, patterns.

    I used the Anaysis tabl (after having 1 years wiorth of capotured data) to detemine what our hardware needs were for a new SQL Server. Unfortunately I couldn't do the same for trying to firgure out what queries raise the LRQ alert most often or which keep the LRQ Alert at HIGH for the longest average time.

    Theres lots of useful info stored in that RedGateMonitor DB but theres no easy way to get at and mkae use of it at this time. If you;d like to see that change then let Redgate know. The more users who ask for this kind of functionality the better our chance oif getting it.

    I currently have a entry in the SQL Monitor Suggestions website ( ... uggestions ) to create a set of base level views which could be used to build queries on any kind of data capturted by SQL MOnitor. Basicallya normalized like ste of views that would more closely reprsent a TNF db schema whcih would make ity much easier to query the info the thing has stored.
  • thanks, it would be a useful feature. not sure how else to "prove" that system tweaks improved performance, other than to hope that the LRQ stops. I'll visit the wish page. :)
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