Hangs on commit; 0% Checking out files!

Suddenly, when committing, SQL source control gets stuck while "Checking out files". To what location is it making this checkout and what permissions are required on that location?


I suspect this can have been caused TortoiseSVN while performing an "SVN Upgrade working copy"


  • Hi,

    To help us determine the cause of this issue please can you restart Sql Server Management Studio and tell us if that clears the problem?

    The location of the checkout can be found by going to the Setup tab and right clicking where it says "Linked to: ..." It's the open working base location option in this drop down menu.
  • I actually think I already had tried that. But since my last check-in attempt I have now restarted my computer and upgraded to the latest version och red-gate deployment manager and now it works!

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