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Feature Request: Generate Procedure Stub

crutledgecrutledge Posts: 10
edited October 14, 2013 5:31AM in SQL Prompt
When I'm working in Visual Studio, I'll often write calls to functions I haven't written yet. I know what I want the name, inputs and outputs to be, but I haven't gotten around to writing the actual function. If I have a call to a non-existent function in VS, I can right-click the missing function and select 'Generate Method Stub'. VS then creates the basic syntax of the function with the correct input and output variable types.

It would be great if SQL Prompt did something similar. If I'm in a SQL script and I write 'EXEC NonExistentProcedure @Param1=1, @Param2=2', that procedure is underlined with a squiggly red line because it doesn't exist. But since I'm using the 'EXEC' syntax, we know it's going to be a stored procedure with that name (unless I just misspelled an existing procedure). And we know it will have at least 2 parameters name @Param1 and @Param2.

It would be great if I could right-click that underlined procedure name and SQL Prompt would give me the option to generate a CREATE PROCEDURE script for a procedure called NonExistentProcedure and 2 parameters (@Param1 and @Param2).

It would be extra special cool if it could derive the datatype from the value being passed to the non-existent parameter, but I would be happy with just a datatype placeholder.


Chris Rutledge


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