SQL Prompt Sucks

andyhammerandyhammer Posts: 10 Bronze 2
edited November 21, 2013 8:04PM in SQL Prompt
I too liked having the delay option. Please bring it back!


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    Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Could I ask what you were using the delay popup option for? We found most people were setting it to a higher value to avoid the popup appearing and annoying them when they were navigating around the file. We were struggling to find any uses for suggestions popping up after just moving the cursor without typing anything.

    It sounds like you have hit an unrelated bug if Prompt isn't capitalizing keywords consistently. Could you provide any more details to help us reproduce this? Is it only on specific keywords/scripts/databases?
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    Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    It sounds like your experience is similar to most people and you were using the delay to stop the popup from getting in the way. In Prompt 6.1 we disabled it popping up in those cases which is why the delay is gone. It should still popup and offer suggestions whilst typing and if you ever need it you can trigger it with ctrl+space.

    Are you finding it popping up at the wrong times in 6.1?
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    jsand118jsand118 Posts: 1 Bronze 1
    I've reverted to 5.2 because of this issue (and also the lag issues, e.g. the first word is usually not capitalized and suggestion box goes away after 2nd letter typed).

    Do you have plans to add the delay back in?

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    I am afraid I agree. 6 is a step backwards. Suggestion are mostly not appearing unless I type something then backspace to remove, then retype it. snippets are hit and miss. I connect to databases in different continents which probably compounds the issue when there is a lag.

    I have tried and it is awful too. I am going back to 5.2 which was great for me.
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