ANTS Load 1.70 has been released

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  • 17 February 2006
  • ANTS Load 1.7 is now available
Red Gate is proud to announce the availability of ANTS Load 1.7. This is an incremental update to ANTS Load to support ASP .NET websites using .NET Framework 2.0, fix some known issues, and introduce support for Windows (NTLM) Authentication.

ANTS Load 1.7 adds the following improvements:
  • Support for Forms Authentication HTTPOnly cookies
  • Support for ASP .NET changes to VIEWSTATE
  • Easily add credentials to HTTP Requests in BASIC and NTLM 1 and 2
  • No longer requires a valid certificate to be installed for SSL websites

ANTS Load 1.7 corrects the following known issues from 1.6:
  • Links on main menu no longer perform duplicate actions
  • Recording file uploads (and multipart/form-data encoded posts in general) use a different algorithm to produce correct VB syntax in the resulting script
  • Session cookies are now handled correctly in SSL test runs
  • SSL request redirection is disabled to match the operation method of non-SSL tests
  • The script recorder reads and sends the correct number of bytes, preventing the recording session from 'freezing'
  • Script recorder better supports HTTP/1.1 by issuing an HTTP 100 CONTINUE when uploading data to a web server

ANTS Load is available from our website at


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