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Using Network Shares with SQL Backup

HJoyceHJoyce Posts: 186
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SQL Backup can create backups directly on a network share address. However, the startup user for the SQL Backup Agent service must have Full permissions on the network share address.

The following procedure describes how you grant the permissions using Microsoft® Windows® XP.

1. In Windows Explorer, right-click on the folder in which you want to create the backups, and then click Sharing and Security.
2. Select Share this folder, and set the properties of the share as required.
3. Click Permissions, and on the Share Permissions dialog box, click Add.
4. On the Select Users, Computers, or Groups dialog box, grant full access to the account used by the SQL Backup Agent service.
5. Click OK on all of the dialog boxes.
Helen Joyce
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    I noticed that I can create backups using the UNC path to the share, as described in the preceding post. However, I've seen that I receive a 160 Error, unable to delete backups when trying to use ERASEFILES in a script. I checked and the files that should be deleted are in fact not deleted.

    Both my account and the account the SQL Backup Service runs under are configured with full permissions on the share. I can go to the share through Windows Explorer using the same path and delete the files manually without issue.

    Is this a known issue with SQLBackup? Are there any known workarounds? Any help in this is greatly appreciated.

    Charles Evans
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