Connection failed to SQL Server 2012

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We are having an issue monitoring a SQL Server 2012 instance. I can setup and connect to the instance fine, but after about a week we receive an IOException that says "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service." and then SQL Monitor can no longer connect. It is happening on the Events for Open and Listing files where the error log is located.

If I delete the server and add it back, it will work fine for a little while. Has anyone else experienced this or know if it is a possible bug monitoring 2012? Our 2008 instances are fine.


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    Hello Laura,

    Sorry you're experiencing connection issues. Would you be able to send your log files to support@red-gate.com so that we can investigate further? You can find the log files in configuration->about.

    Evan Moss
    Product Support
    (866) 627-8107
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