Deployment Agent Service intermittently does not start

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I am finding that when I restart machines running the deployment agent service that the service sometimes does not start. If I manually restart the service it works fine.

I tried adding a task to run net start after a delay (~1min), but I am still sometimes seeing the isssue.

All the machines are VMware VMs running Windows Server 2012. I am running Redgate DM Enterprise v2.2.4.1.

I can't see any log file or events in the event viewer. Any ideas on what might be the cause, or how I can turn some debugging on to find out?



  • Hi Mark

    I've not personally heard of this one before unfortunately. The DM Agent doesn't seem to have dependencies on any other windows services at all, and I don't think it'll have logged anything if it didn't start. Have you tried looking in the windows event logs for anything useful?

    The only thing it'll try and do at startup would be to bind to the network port it listens on so if the network is unavailable or the windows firewall is in an odd state where it won't let it use the port, that's one possibility?
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  • I've experienced this issue also with servers running in a VMware environment and also my own PC (used to test releases until we get the ability to remove them in a future release).

    The solution I am using and seems to be most effective is to change the service startup to "Automatic (Delayed Start)" but the problem is any upgrade of the agent removes and recreates the service so reverts to just "Automatic".

    Could that become the default startup setting for the agent service in a future release?
  • Delayed start is a good idea. I'll get that changed for the next release.
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  • Just wanted to let you know that this change was made in Wednesday's release of Deployment Manager, version Both the Deployment Manager Server and Agent services are now set to Automatic (Delayed) start.
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