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Urgently need uninstall the extended SP etc from Servers

edited February 13, 2006 6:45PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
My colleagues are mad at me for installing Red Gate Backup 4.1 server components onto some of their production SQL Servers and I need to uninstall it PDQ. I've checked the menus and documentation, found docs for a manual install procedure but nothing on how to install/remove the xp_.

Actually what I need is a full uninstall that removes any SPs, binaries or other stuff from the target SQL Server. I think it's very understandable for a client to want a way to do that. Apart from the fact that new software, not fully tested at our site, might break something, there is also a legitimate worry that at the end of the 14 day trial period something might break - we've had servers go down from that exact kind of thing before.

Any advice please?


PS Red Gate is here to stay on my production servers - I'm buying licences ASAP, so there.


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    There should be an entry for the server components in the add/remove programs control panel applet on the server. There will be one for each instance they are installed on. This will remove extended stored procedures, service and all binaries from the server.

    - Neil
    - Neil Davidson
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    Thanks Neil - that worked a treat.

    Perhaps add that to the help file and/or as a comment when people fire up Tools - Manage Server Components ?

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