Version 2.2.14 - 25th September, 2013

mwoffendenmwoffenden Posts: 98
edited September 26, 2013 6:35AM in Deployment Manager
Found this in the release notes. Can someone explain what this means?

"Users are now notified if the deployment they are about to release does not contain the latest project settings."

Michael Woffenden
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  • Sure.

    It's related to the immutability of releases. When you change settings in a project, eg. variables, it doesn't affect existing releases. Generally this is good, as you want to guarantee repeatable deployments.

    But if a project hasn't yet been successfully deployed, or you're still getting it set up, you'll need to create new releases and the immutability can catch you out.

    We now notify when project settings have been changed, so that you can go and create a new release if needed.
    Justin Caldicott
    Redgate Software Ltd
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