Cross Database queries and views

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Hi there

Forgive me if this turns out to have a really simple solution but I've been struggling with this for a couple of days now and I could do with some help!

Our setup is a bit horrible - lots of cross database queries and views, so to do an initial deployment of any one database requires a few to go out along with it.

I've been trying to set up a database deployment project so I can deploy our system to a new server, but I keep encountering issues when deployment manager reaches the cross database queries. Sometimes, if the database its looking for is due to be deployed in the same project, its fine - it'll skip over the error and deploy it with no trouble, other times it won't, it'll give me deployment failed errors.

Is there any way around this? Thanks in advance for any help provided


  • So after a bit more digging I realised it only fails on views which then made me realise that this is SQL Server not DM

    I'm going to move the views around see if that sorts it
  • Glad to hear you've got a possible solution. Keep us posted!
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  • Unfortunately we are still having issues with this. I haven't been able to change or move all of the views, but I have moved some to synonyms instead. I'm still getting "invalid object" issues with the deployments.

    Any suggestions?
  • If you can determine the dependencies you may be able to deploy all databases in a manually configured order (by using multiple package steps) as long as there are no circular dependencies.

    If you could provide the deployment logs where failures occur we might be able to workout what is going on. If you would rather not post it on the forum, you can email [email protected] and mark it FAO. Emma Armstrong.
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