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Feature requests - SQL Backup 4.x and Log Rescue 1.x

edited February 12, 2006 6:55PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
On the basis of my other postsabout restoring detached databases from non-local files, and other things, here are my feature requests for Red Gate SQL products:

1. Restore - Browse Files to be able to see and browse mapped drives on the target SQL server, not just physical drives.

2. Restore - Browse Files to give a helpful warning if the Red Gate client is not running on the target SQL server, reminding user that the path spec they should provide is as seen from the SQL server, not as seen from the user's current client machine. This should not be a popup on the client, just a note (in red etc) prominently shown near the Add and Browse dialogs.

3. Restore - From History to hold history for databases that have been detached - with warning flags to show the information is not current. SQL Backup could cache this information from the system databases. User could have the option to manually delete from this cache databases that are no longer existing / required. (Or are expected to be required, heh heh!)

4. Restore then to give these detached databases as options in dropdown menu (maybe a different colour, or an Option - show databases not currently attached).

5. Red Gate SQL Log Rescue to have a clear warning, at the point of download, about the catastrophic bug affecting large history tables, with option to download the 1.1 beta.

To be honest I think Log Rescue, whether 1.0 or 1.1, should be considered beta, and should not be sold commercially at all until this server-crashing bug is dealt with. People who have paid for the software are so much more likely to sue you. :wink: I'm relaxed about these things and generally very impressed with Red Gate, but others might get uppity!

Thanks for all the good work, one fantastic product and another product with loads of potential.

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