RG Deployment Manager 2: Change Agent Port?

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By default the listening port for the Agent service is 10301. According to the documentation it is possible to change the listening port during installation, but I was never presented with such an option.

How can I change the listening port for the RG Deployment Manager Agent?


  • csmithcsmith Posts: 138 Bronze 1

    Here's a link to our documentation explaining how to change the agent port:
    http://documentation.red-gate.com/displ ... munication

    Changing the port is a manual process (not an option in the UI) because we didn't feel it would be something users would need to do very often. So we better understand the use-case, can I ask why you need to change the port?

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  • Because it's sometimes much quicker & easier to change the port to one in the small, unallocated pool of ports IT's assigned me than to wait for them to first approve and then open the prescribed default.
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