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database register is slow

bucsnetbucsnet Posts: 2
edited February 13, 2006 12:35PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I am registering a local database and it takes about 1.5 minutes to register the database.

This is the first time I have used the product. Is this normal?

Here is the code...

Dim dbServer As Database = New Database
Dim objServerConn = New ConnectionProperties(".", "FOOTBALL")

dbServer.Register(objServerConn, Options.Default)

Is there something I am doing wrong?

Thanks for the help!


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    We've noticed that running the Engine code inside of Visual Studio, and this applies to debug builds as well as release, slows the proformance down significantly.

    I'm told that this is because of the number of exceptions thrown by the dependency analyzer. For some reason, exception handling performance degrades when you run a project inside VS, even if the exceptions are handled gracefully.

    If you run the code outside of VS (from a command prompt, etc) you should notice a huge difference.
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