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Compare in tandem with source control and migration scripts

jswartzjswartz Posts: 2
edited September 12, 2013 12:13PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Am I correct in the assumption that SQL Compare uses the database extended property "SQLSourceControl Database Revision" to determine what migration scripts are included in it's update script based on source control?

In other words it appears that you tie migration scripts to a specific change, and Compare references migration scripts as a solution to some problems or warnings it encounters.

What I'm aiming to do with clients who's database has never been part of a versioning system is to initially add this extended property and set the version to match nearly the first addition of the database to source control, then add migration scripts to the next version change so that SQL compare can be used to pull in all of these scripts in an effort to bring all client databases into a base starting point for versioning. I suspect I'll have to manually add the Extended property to start, and based on the compare update scripts I've looked at, manually increment the version after running a compare update.


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