Feature request

jmeyerjmeyer Posts: 70 Bronze 2
edited September 20, 2013 10:00AM in SQL Data Compare Previous Versions
I'm currently going through a refactoring exercise and utilize SQL Data Compare extensively. However, I am getting too many (in my mind) false positives due to the refactoring.

I'd therefore like to suggest the following new features:
1) Ability to ignore leading spaces (just as we can ignore trailing spaces)
2) Ability to better utilize (implicit) data type conversions when utilizing DATE and DATETIME/SMALLDATETIME data types. For example, if a value has no time component that the DATE, DATETIME and SMALLDATETIME data-typed values shodul eb considered identical
3) Ability to compare disparate data types based on the build-in SQL implicit data conversions, such that I can for example compare a VARCHAR column with an INT column. For example, I refactored a VARCHAR column to now be a TINYINT but I still want to be able to properly compare the values such that the VARCHAR '22' would be considered the equivalent of the TINYINT 22 value.


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