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edited September 6, 2013 3:43PM in ANTS Performance Profiler 8
I am having a problem with ANTS where I am not able to profile a web site that uses Windows authentication.

When I profile this site (at localhost), the page simply never comes back. When I click Stop to stop profiling, the browser opens the Windows Security dialog for username and password.

When ANTS is not running, the site works fine.
The problem only happens when profiling in Sample mode. All the other modes work as expected.

localhost is listed in the trusted sites list.
When ANTS is not running or when it is running in some mode other than sample, the authentication happens automatically. No Windows Security dialog is displayed.

Please let me know how I may troubleshoot this issue.


  • This is a very unusual case as sampling mode has the least effect on any process.

    Is this process a .Net 4 process? You can get the same level of detail if you use the 'Attach to a .Net 4 process' option. This has many advantages over sampling mode so I would recommend it right now.
  • You're right. Attach to process not only works but it also avoids restarting IIS. That means that I don't have to wait for the compilation step and I don't have to start the trace at the beginning of the session. I can trace just the page I am interested in.

    I still don't know why it stopped working but I suppose I won't worry too much about that.

    Thanks for your help.
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