No graphs on chart counters in ANTS Profiler 8 Standard

renaudbedardrenaudbedard Posts: 3
edited February 26, 2014 8:46PM in ANTS Performance Profiler 8

I just upgraded from ANTS 6 to ANTS 8, after doing a capture of my .NET app, I can't see any graph for any of the counters I have enabled.
Is this expected behaviour? Could I be missing an option to make them show up?




  • You're definitely not doing anything wrong. I would say that it is either that your counters need rebuilding or its a bug.

    To rebuild your counters please take a look at this MS KB:
  • Doing "lodctr /R" fixed it, many thanks!
  • This did not work for me..I am still unable to see the graph for a new profiler trace.. :(
    Please help...
  • kruekrue Posts: 3 Bronze 1
    I was also experiencing this issue, but followed the instructions in the KB article (KB300956) exactly -- very painful to go thru the registry and remove all the keys under each of the services, as I have TONS of services. At the end of the process, after rerunning lodctr /R, it fixed it. Note also that when I compared the perfc009.dat file to the original from my Windows installation disk, they were quite different, and the first part of the file was all zeros (using binary compare). Also, perfh009.dat had been empty (file length 0). It was also a pain to find these files from the Windows installation disk. The folder mentioned in the KB article didn't exist on my drive -- instead there was an "install.wim". I was able to use 7z (zip program) to open this compressed file, then navigate down to the \windows\system32" folder, and get at these files.
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