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Is it possible to use Packager 7 to create a SQL Azure database?

The release notes state "SPA-607 - It is now possible to run an upgrade .EXE for SQL Server 2012 databases against a SQL Azure database".




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    Hello again,

    I think you have possibly logged at least one duplicate call with support about this, if this is the same issue you emailed us about, it's probably sufficient to not use the /makedatabase switch with Azure, seeing as you have to use Microsoft's Azure management interface to actually create a database.

    Otherwise it tries to check your permissions on the server and you get a "Built-in function 'PERMISSIONS' is not supported in this version of SQL Server" message.
  • I don't understand why I can't CREATE Azure database using SQL Packager but I can create an Azure database using SQL Compare.

    Is this a planned feature? It would be really helpful!

    Yes it's the same issue I emailed to you.


  • I've logged development issue SPA-634 about this.

    To confirm, though, the original bug that you referenced says SQL Packager produces upgrade packages for Azure - in my mind that says you will be running against an existing database. So maybe there was a conscious decision by Red Gate not to support database creation. I am trying to find out.
  • Sorry, the bug reference is SPA-635. My mistake.
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