Connection Error: Unknown Connection String Parameter usf;

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I'm having some issues connecting to one of our databases. I know that the tns entry works because I connect with PL/SQL developer using the same entry and same credentials without issue.

The error is:
Unkown Connection String Parameter usf; Pooling

I get it after I enter in my credentials for connection and hit 'Test'.

Has anyone experienced this before? I'm not having much luck finding the root cause despite a lot of googling.



  • Of course I knew if I posted the question, I'd find the answer shortly :D

    Hopefully this helps someone else out someday.

    Don't put a semicolon in your password. It doesn't like it.

    I use randomly generated passwords and at this time the last 4 characters of the password were ";usf" no quotes.

    That apparently resulted in the Unknown Connection String Parameter usf;
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    Thank you for your post, excellent news that you found a resolution to your issue and shared your findings for other forum users.

    I will admit that this is a new problem that I certainly would have difficulty in reproducing. I will also highlight this issue to my colleagues in the Oracle Team.

    Many Thanks
    Eddie Davis
    Product Support Engineer
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