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Feature Request.

maddavemaddave Posts: 28
edited August 30, 2013 3:09AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I could ask that the following feature be put into SQL Backup:

It would be good to be able to filter the Activity History by the diffrent columns, not just being able to sort by them. I.E Show only full backups, or show backups taken during a date range, only backups that failed etc.

It would help a lot in searching for problems and quickly filtering out data.


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    I am the support engineer that is investigating this issue you have raised. Thanks for posting your desired feature request in our forums. At this stage what I can suggest is that if you would like is that I put this forward as a feature/change request to our product management.

    I can also suggest that you put this in the SQL Backup user voice section of our website. This is a forum-style thread where backup users can put in their desired features for the product.


    Thanks for your feedback in this matter.
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