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Last n History Shown

appwrightappwright Posts: 62
edited February 6, 2006 8:53PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
petey said: "as only the last 200 backups and restores operations are displayed"

Is it possible to change this. I have a lot more than 200 databases that I need to display. How about making this an option in the settings. I would like to see at least the last 500 or so and that grows every day.


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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    What is your objective of displaying last n number of backup/restore records on a server-wide basis? Perhaps that objective would be better served via other means e.g. reports, charts etc.
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    I like to quickly pull that list up and look over all my DB's to see how well they are compressing, and that they are getting backed up. Since I know the first and last ones I can easily find the begin and endpoint in the list, however since you limit the rows returned it does not show all mine.

    If you allow it to be set as an Option, I could actually set it to exactly the number of DB's that I am backing up and I will get a full list everytime without old one being in there. Then have a paging option to show the next set, that would be pretty cool.

    Reporting probably could do it also, but then you would have to run a report etc... I like the speed of being able to just click on the Tab and review the last results. Adds value for me.
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