Start/Stop a website in IIS 7

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Script to start/stop a website with the given name in IIS 7.

Brief notes on how to use this script
  • Add 'websiteToStartOrStop' variable in Deployment Manager UI and set it to the website name you want to start/stop
  • If you want to stop a website, uncomment the last two lines and comment out the two lines before it that start a website.
Brief explanation
It searches the system root folder to find Microsoft.Web.Administration -> creates ServerManager object -> gets site we want to start/stop -> starts/stops the site.
# Inputs:
# $websiteToStartOrStop = "Default Web Site"

if ($websiteToStartOrStop -eq $null) {
	# Fail the script and deployment if can't start website.
	throw "websiteToStartOrStop variable must be set."

# Search for Microsoft.Web.Administration.dll in file system
$directoryToSearch = $env:systemroot
Write-Host "Searching for Microsoft.Web.Administration.dll in '$directoryToSearch'..." 
$webDllDirectory = Get-ChildItem -Path $directoryToSearch -Filter Microsoft.Web.Administration.dll -Recurse -ErrorAction 'silentlycontinue' `
					| where { $_.DirectoryName.Contains("SysWOW64") -or $_.DirectoryName.Contains($env:windir + "\assembly")} `
					| select -First 1 

if ($webDllDirectory -eq $null) 
	throw "Could not find 'Microsoft.Web.Administration.dll'. It is required to start/stop '$websiteToStartOrStop' website."

# Load the dll (console output of the command is deleted)
[System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFrom($webDllDirectory.DirectoryName.toString() + "\Microsoft.Web.Administration.dll") | Out-Null
$serverManager = new-object Microsoft.Web.Administration.ServerManager

# From all sites, select the site we want to start
$site = $serverManager.Sites | where {$_.Name -eq $websiteToStartOrStop}
if ($site -eq $null) {
	# Fail the script and exit if cannot find website
	throw "Could not find website with name: $websiteToStartOrStop"

Write-Host "Starting website with name: $websiteToStartOrStop"

# Write-Host "Stopping website with name: $websiteToStartOrStop"
# $site.Stop()
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