How to deploy *anything*

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Deployment Manager is designed to deal with several use cases with no configuration beyond defining some deployment variables, but we can't consider every eventuality.

Maybe you're using a technology that's just too cool for school and we haven't got any special support for it yet. Maybe you're trying to nurse a twenty-year-old system through its dying years, with all the cruft that entails. Maybe you're looking after a project that was hacked together by a duct tape programmer, and there are lots of places where it's a bit out of the ordinary.

Whatever, you need something special. You look at Deployment Manager, and you think "great, but I bet it won't deal with the <x> that I need it to handle".

PowerShell is the answer to that. You can use PowerShell scripts embedded in the root of your deployment package to define the deployment behaviour. Deployment Manager will run your script at deployment time, so you can use it to customise your deployment process in (almost) any way you like. Read about using PowerShell scripts in deployment here.

This is a forum for sharing useful deployment scripts, including several that we've found useful within Red Gate or produced to solve common deployment demands.

If you have a script that you've found useful and want to share, post it here. All you need is a comment at the top of your post saying what it does, and the script itself, wrapped in a code block using the tools above the editing window.

Once you've found or written your script, you'll need to package it up, together with your application, and add it to the Deployment Manager package feed. You can read about using RgPublish to package applications here.
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