SQL Data Compare turns a dash "-" into these –

stuartakstuartak Posts: 2

I have a problem with SQL Data Compare version 4 (and also 3) where a dash symbol in a varchar field is being translated into these three characters:


For example this:

Assault - allegation / suspicion - Client on staff

becomes this:

Assault – allegation / suspicion - Client on staff

We're using SQL Server 2000.

Both the column being compared from and being compared to have
these characteristics:

Column Name = "Name"
Data Type = varchar
Length = 100
Allow Nulls = No
Collation = <database default>, which I think is

I need urgent help with this. I've been using SQL Data Compare for 4 years now but if it continues to do this I won't be able to trust the tool and will have to look for another product. We were looking to buy more licenses for it, including the developer edition, but won't want to do that if we can't fix this problem.

Thanks for your help.



  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hello Stuart,

    Is this an issue with how the script is saved? You may want to try different formats for saving scripts. For instance saving a script in Unicode will make upper-range characters, accented characters, and the like, appear correctly whereas saving the script as ASCII or UTF-8 without preamble will cause nonsense characters to be displayed even in text viewers that support Unicode characters!
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