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SQL Server Metrics all zero for one server

BlueBSHBlueBSH Posts: 9 Bronze 1
edited August 19, 2013 11:15AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
I have SQL Monitor 3.5 set up right now to monitor two servers.

The monitor service and website are on a server external to these two servers.

Right now physcal server 1 is logging data fine, all the SQL Server metrics are getting values and graphing great under analysis

When you go to physcal server 2, all the (machine metrics) windows performance logs are there with values, but the sql server metrics are wrong... every one of them is a constant zero except for SQL Server: processor time.. what would cause this? I have two instances on this second physical server, neither of them show anything for these server metrics, but physical server 1 shows them just fine.

(by physical server, I mean a physical hardware server, which is running instances of SQL Server on it) :)

Under configuration of monitored servers, there is not errors all instances across the two physical servers say "Monitor connected" with a green check mark


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    Usually, an absence of data means one of two things: data is not being collected or counter data points are not making it back to the repository for storage.

    We can probably tell by the SQL Monitor base monitor log file, if you can send that in reply to our support case (#1471) email.
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