Disable monitoring for a specific database

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I have been receiving 30-50+ deadlock alerts a day due to a known issue with a SAP Business Objects database crawl that triggers deadlocks. From my initial research there doesn't seem to be a lot of simple methods around stopping the deadlocks, short of disabling the search crawl that triggers them in the first place. However, that would also essentially break the search function on the respective Business Objects site -- which isn't a viable option right now.

That said, my initial thought is that I'd like to see if it's possible to configure SQL Mon to simply ignore deadlock monitoring for that particular database. I usually wouldn't consider this an option, but this database isn't one I am particularlly worried about on that server, so I'd rather it not flood my alerts and cause me to miss something more important.

I am currently on version 3.3 of SQL Mon, and the databases are SQL 2008 R2.

Thanks in advance for any possible help,


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