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Ignore replication stored procedures

SimonG156SimonG156 Posts: 3
edited February 2, 2006 4:16AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Is there a way to tell the SQL Comparator to ignore stored procedures prefixed sp_MS or indeed all sp_ ?

I have slightly different replication between a development database and a prodcution database and lost my replication stored procedures when I ran the compare.

I can of course manually uncheck the compare each time, but that seems to defeat the object of an automatic tool.



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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hello Simon,

    From the sound of it, what you really need is for SQL Compare to automatically ignore replication objects, such as the stored procedures that are created by SQL Server when you make a database a publisher or subscriber. This is something we'd like to do in a future version, but right now we're including all of these objects as part of the schema. SQL Compare does have this issue with replicated databases.
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    Exactly that. Not the end of the Owrld as I can go through once and uncheck all those objects and save a project. Currently I am the only user of the software in the company..
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