Upgrade not smooth

mwoffendenmwoffenden Posts: 98
edited August 5, 2013 6:55AM in Deployment Manager
First, I've installed the recent upgrade. However at the top of the screen I still see the message:

An update for Deployment Manager is available. Click here to upgrade

This goes away when leaving the page, but could confuse users.

Secondly, there is no prompt to upgrade servers. Only when visiting the Environments page is there a message:

One or more of your machines appear to be running old versions of Deployment Manager Agent. Please use the "Upgrade all" button to upgrade them. Or, use the "Check health" button to refresh the version numbers.

Why doesn't the installer just do the servers too, or at least provide a prompt to do so?

Finally, after upgrading the servers, I see a "Try again" button. Which makes me wonder if something went wrong.
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