SQL Test is over a year behind tSQLt

AdamYAdamY Posts: 55 Bronze 3
edited February 13, 2014 10:07AM in SQL Test
tSQLt is now on version 1.0.4941.23369 (released July 2013), but SQL Test v1.0.15.1 is still on tSQLt v1.0.4504.21220 (released May 2012). That is 2-3 versions behind. There are features tSQLt released in the last year that I need and don't have. Now I have to manually update it from tSQLt and I have no idea how that will affect my ability to use or update SQL Test.

How long does it Red Gate to update SQL Test after tSQLt releases a new version? Can that process be done faster so we have an up-to-date version?


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