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Issue with Server Component registration v7.3.2.3

JoeGTJoeGT Posts: 50
edited July 30, 2013 6:50PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
In one of my environments, running a 5 node cluster, I have a single node in this cluster that despite having successfully installed and updated the version of the server components is still showing in the SQL Backup UI as needing an update.

The imagine below confirms that all of the instances hosted on the problem node have the same version of the server components :


This image then shows what the SQL Backup UI is showing. The icon indicating that there is a newer version of the server components is showing and looking at the properties for this node, it shows that the SQL Backup version is still the old version :


Is there somewhere in the file system/registry that I can look at/update to force the SQL Backup UI to see this node as actually being up to date ?


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    Would it be possible for you to try uninstalling the server components for this instance, and then installing them afresh?
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    Thanks Chris.

    I can confirm that after re-installing the agent and updating it to use the correct account to run the service that the SQL Backup Pro UI now correctly shows in the properties as the "SQL Backup version" being ''


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