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Error: Specified Cast is not valid

digitalagedigitalage Posts: 6
edited January 31, 2006 5:55AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
When I compare 2 databases I get an error that says "Specified cast is not valid", with a caption of "Unknown". I originally received this error with the 3.x version of the software, and I thought it was related to my upgrade to SQL Server 2005. At that time, I rebuilt one of my databases from my source scripts, tried it again, and everything seemed to work - the problem went away, so I'm not sure if it had anyhting to do with 2005. But now, I just upgraded to the 4.1 version, and the error is back. I tried the same trick as last time (i.e. rebuilt my DB from source scripts) but this time the error is not going away. Like I said, I'm using the SQL Compare 4.1 version (which I just downloaded) and I am comparing two SQL Server 2005 Databases, one is local to my Windows XP SP2 machine, while the other is located on a remote SQL Server 2005 server running on Windows Server 2003.

Thanks in advance!!!


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