SQL Log Rescue - Current Version & Memory Problems

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I have recently upgraded my installations of SQLBAckup and SQLLogRescue on my Production Servers. SQLBackup seems to be running well, but I am experiencing problems with the SQL Log Rescue applicaiton.

First, the version from the About box for SQLLogRescue is

The database I am attempting to test with gives the following error:

Unable to connect to databse [(local)[Amx_QA] to retrieve backup files. Ensure you have access to the database.
Exception of type System.OutOfMemoryException was thrown.

I get the same error whether using an admin account or the "sa" account.

I ran this query :

SELECT distinct physical_device_name FROM msdb..backupmediafamily
WHERE media_set_id IN (SELECT media_set_id FROM msdb..backupset
WHERE database_name = N'Amx_QA' AND type LIKE '[LDI]'
AND database_creation_date IN (SELECT MAX(database_creation_date) FROM msdb..backupset WHERE database_name = N'Amx_QA')
) AND device_type IN (2,7,102)

And it returns 4287 rows.

Any suggestions?



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