Possible Bug: Environment did not prompt to upgrade

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I just got a warning that my version of Deployment Manager can be upgraded.

So I upgraded to newest version, and it installed successfully.
So I went to upgrade my environments and it did not say it can be upgraded, tried refreshing page, leaving back and coming back. It still didn't ask to upgrade the environment.

However, after doing a health check did it ask to upgrade, not sure if this is because it doesn't know the version on the environments until you do a health check.


  • Hi,

    You've guessed right; the Deployment Manager server checks the version of the agents when it does a health check, so won't notice that they need an upgrade until the health check is run. However, DM does run an automatic health check every 30 minutes, so would have noticed within half an hour of the upgrade.

    We keep the server->agent protocol compatible across versions, so it doesn't normally matter if the agent is out of date. The only time it might be important is when we add a new feature on the agent side of things, in which case the feature won't be available until the agents are upgraded.
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