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Having just recently installed Deployment Manager v, I was looking at the various packaging tools and wanted to try out the SSMS addin.

I have installed it and the context menu options is now available for me in SSMS however I am getting the error below when I attempt to publish a database for deployment :


Are there any logs I can look at that will let me know why I am getting "Unauthorized" as an error here or can you let me know what I can do to resolve ?




  • Sorry! We don't currently support Integrated Windows Authentication for Deployment Manager.

    This is something that we're currently looking into, and I've asked our Program Manager to get in touch with you to talk about what your needs are in this area.

    If you go back into IIS Manager and turn Windows Authentication off, and turn Anonymous Authentication back on (don't worry, Deployment Manager has built-in auth on top of what IIS provides), then the SSMS add-in should start working.

    I suspect that it was the permissions change you made that meant the Deployment Manager UI started working, so hopefully this auth change won't break that!
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  • Thanks David. I have managed to get both items working with a mix of authentication methods.

    I have enabled Anonymous authentication - which allows the SSMS add-in to communicate correctly. And then left the Windows authentication option enabled - which allows me to still access to the Deployment Manager site.

    I will reply back to the email have from your program manager at some point today. We are just in our infancy of exploring your CI/Deployment tools and I am really doing this as a proof of concept for our Development team (I am the DBA so I really only look after things at the pointy end in SQL)


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    We've added integrated Windows/Active Directory authentication in today's release of Deployment Manager (v2.2.0).

    Deployment Manager now supports logging in with your windows domain credentials. This means that you no longer need to manage accounts in Deployment Manager itself.

    Once you’ve turned this on in the Server Tools config app, when you create new accounts or disable accounts in Active Directory, those changes take effect in Deployment Manager automatically.

    Furthermore, any user who is an Windows administrator on the Deployment Manager server machine is given Deployment Manager system administrator rights by default.

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