Deployment Manager v2.0.8.1 web UI not displaying

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This is hopfeully going to be a very simple issue to resolve.

I have just installed Deployment Manager v2.0.8.1 to one of my tet environments and while in the "Deployment Manager Administration Tool" I am being told that the web interface port I am choosing is available (I have tried a number of them), if I attempt to browse to the provided URL (using IE9) I am presented with a blank page - no error messages, no content and what appears to be not attempt to render anything.

I have taken a look through this forum and also through Google in general and while it might be something simple that is happening, I cant find a solution.

Look forward to someone being able to point me in the right direction.




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    Hi Joe,

    This isn't something we've seen before unfortunately. If you look in Server Manager, which Roles relating to IIS do you have installed? You can go to Server Manager, then in the tree, click Roles > Web Server (IIS), then scroll down the main pane to Role Services.
    I've seen something similar to this with SQL Monitor when the ASP.NET Role Service wasn't actually installed.

    If that all looks OK (and restarting IIS has no effect) it may be necessary to have a look in the IIS logs to see if there's any useful messages from when you try to view the page
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  • Thanks James

    I tried your suggestions - ASP.Net was correctly installed and there were no obvious issues with permissions.

    I did a couple of re-installs and tried various options.

    The two changes I ended up making that resulted in me being able to see the Deployment Manager site were :

    1. Granting IUSR and NETWORK SERVICE accounts access to the location for the physical files in the "Portal" directory

    2. Changing the Authentication settings on the Deployment Manager website in ISS to enable Windows Authentication (it seems this was disabled by default)


    I will let you know if I come across other issues but this was obviously the first and most important one ie. being able to actually get to the Deployment Manager site.


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