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SQL Compare 4, Language support for german

Olaf PietschOlaf Pietsch Posts: 4
edited January 28, 2006 12:50PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I have noticed, you introduced the german language support, thank you for that!

But I have a question: How is it possible to determine the language of the tool. I did not seen any hint in the setup. The english and german version seems to be installed side by side for me. In the tool there I could not find any switches changing the language. How does it works?


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    On German systems it will run on German; in English, English.

    If you want to run multiple languages then you can use the Windows Multilanguage User Interface (MUI) pack.

    If you don't want the German install then deleting the de subdirectory in program files\red gate\sql bundle should do the trick.
    - Neil Davidson
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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