Deleting Nuget feeds

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I'm not too sure how to categorize this one.

But here is a scenario, I did not choose the built-in feed and I setup a TeamCity feed and add it to Deployment Manager.

I then create 15 steps that are pointed to the TeamCity feed, then decide, TeamCity feed doesn't have features I'd prefer, so I decide to use the built-in feed instead, so I delete the TeamCity feed and use the built-in.

Now, I was able to delete the feed even tho I have steps assigned, now I would think since I removed the feeds, the steps would assign to the only feed in the system, but unfortunately trying to create a release would now throw an error saying the feed could not be found, and I would have to edit every step and click save so it resaves with the new feed.

I'm not sure if this is considered a bug, or just a rare situation, but I think it would be nice if we delete a feed, to have a way to reassign all steps to a specific feed instead of having to manually edit all steps and save to reassign.


  • Hi there Lee -

    This is a really interesting one - we've spent some time thinking in general how objects should behave when a related object is deleted.

    In this case, it might be easier to edit the existing feed to point to a different URL. That way all projects will be redirected to the new URL.

    We'll bear this idea in mind next time we think about delete behaviour though


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