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Copy job status codes

RichardRayJHRichardRayJH Posts: 22
edited July 18, 2013 2:21AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
When I run
exec master..sqbdata 'SELECT * FROM backupfiles_copylist where status <> ''s'' order by lastattempt desc'

one of the columns I get back is 'status'. I'm guessing that:

'S' is 'Success' (applied when the copy has succeeded),
'E' is 'Error' (applied after the copy job gives up),
'P' is 'Pending' (applied when the job is queued up but has run yet)

but there seem to be a few others.

What are the possible values, and what do they all mean?
Richard Ray
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Teton Village, WY


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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    A for active, meaning that the file is currently being copied.
    C for cancelled, when the source file cannot be found, or when copying to the hosted storage is cancelled.

    E for expired, which by default happens 24 hours after the file has been placed in the queue and could not be copied during that interval.
    Peter Yeoh
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    Associate, Yohz Software
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