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I just upgrade and I had to post this...

AMAZING job on new release, looks fantastic!

Since my release version were so long, I always had to manually modify the css file to show my entire version number, no longer the case, it has plenty of room.


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    I did find a bug though.

    Previous version the "Deployment Manager" logo in the top left corner use to allow you to click to go back to dashboard
    <a id="logo" title="Go to Dashboard" href="/">
          Deployment Manager

    Now it does not go anywhere..
    <a class="brand rg-brand hidden-phone" href="#"><img alt="Deployment Manager" src="/Content/Images/Layout/DM-logo.png"></img></a>

    Same thing for mobile as well..
    <a class="brand rg-brand visible-phone" href="#">
                        <img src="/Content/Images/Layout/DM-branded-logo-phone.png" alt="Deployment Manager" />

    I'm thinking the # should be / like it was before..
  • Glad you like it Lee!

    Let us know if there's anything else we can do to make the experience smoother for you.
    David Conlin
    Software Developer
    Deployment Manager
  • Oops, well spotted!

    We're planning on doing a release at the end of this week with a few bits and pieces that didn't quite make this one. The fix for this will be in there.
    David Conlin
    Software Developer
    Deployment Manager
  • Not a problem, wasn't a major bug..

    I've been posting every idea I got in the uservoice :)
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