HyperBac and Stand-Alone Server UNC Issues

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We installed Hyperbac on another server a few weeks ago (for speed and compression) and we are receiving an error message instantly when trying to do a backup:

ReportIoError: write failure on backup device ... Operating system error 1130(Not enough server storage is available to process this command.).

Some details:
1. These servers are a "stand-alone" (no domain controller) with a dedicated 10GByte backbone.
2. We have an account on both servers using the same UserID and PWD for permissions/to allow drive sharing.
3. We are backing up databases in the 2GByte to 200GByte range.
4. Backups using the standard built-in/native SQL backup work, i.e.,

BACKUP DATABASE [MyDataBase] TO DISK = '\\UNC\Backup\MyDataBase_backup_20130708.bak' WITH RETAINDAYS = 14, INIT, STATS = 10, NAME = N'MyDataBase_backup_20130708'

5. The UNC share (since this is a "stand-alone" network) has all of the “shares” showing as “0 bytes”, so \\UNC\Backup\ is 0 bytes. As a connected network drive (mapping \\UNC\Backup\ to Z: ), the drive is showing 2.19 TBytes free (out of 2.72TB total).
6. Hyperbac in a "domain" network works fine with archiving to a UNC.

Not sure of RedGate SQL Backup would have a similar problem?


  • Interesting note: smaller databases (we have one that is 70MB) archived fine to any remote share; the problem only occurs with the larger (GByte) databases.

    It appears we were able to resolve the issue by moving from the 64-bit version to the version.
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